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Paynter Law Office Practice Areas

Family Law

Get the legal representation you need throughout the entire legal process.

Our legal team can guide you through child custody, divorce, legal separation, and child/spousal support. Let us be there for you to ensure a fair and equal division of your marital assets. We will work with you to preserve your separate assets before marriage through prenuptial agreements.


Individual and Personalized Service

Your meetings will be directly with Mr. Paynter. You will receive the benefit of Mr. Paynter’s attention and substantial experience as an experienced Divorce Attorney because he cares about your case, and handles each one personally. Mr. Paynter has been working with potential divorce clients for over 30 years as a Mediator.

Either party can request mediation and initiate the process. Consider asking the other party before initiating this process whether they are willing to mediate the dispute. Both parties must consent to mediation for the process to move forward.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is a term of art which distinguishes lawyer Court work in the non-criminal law. It encompasses not just the representations made in Court but also the pre-trial procedures including discovery, trial preparation and trials, and the post-trial procedures such as recovery of costs and enforcement of a judgment.



The law firm of William H. Paynter serves clients in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Solano Counties. The law firm focuses on Family Law and Civil Litigation. Covering divorce, child custody/visitation, and child/spousal support, personal injury cases involving serious injury or wrongful death, and business matters.


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